LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy with Joseph P. Farrell

Farrell ties together a coalescence of interests that came together in Dealey Plaza, Texas, 1963 and like the banana republic it has proven itself to be from that day forward, a dark coalition of forces fired their own private ballot through the barrel of a gun, murdering the president.

It’s sad that it took the life of one such as JFK to show the public just exactly how debauched and rotten to the core this government is and has become. But, like the proverbial cat in the litter box, these depraved felines will never cover up their stink, no matter how hard they try, the light will always find them out.

In the end, president John F, Kennedy’s Light will always outshine, by numerous orders of magnitude, the decrepit souls that gathered together to extinguish a life that was such a beacon of peace to many.

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