NDAA a Rapid Descent into Corporate Totalitarianism

Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the American government has been slowly occupied by criminal corporate thugs who shelter their larceny behind suits and ties, while wrapping the illicit proceeds of their enterprising ways within a symbol that is no longer what it once was but stands instead for a third-rate banana republic as it slips further and further into a full-fledged dictatorial, fascist state, devouring the entire planet in pursuit of satiating its greedy appetite. 9/11 has only provided its belligerent growth a license to accelerate its heady cancerous crystallization.

Challenging NDAA Indefinite Detention, First Panel

Said Carl Mayer: “In broad terms, the stakes I think are very high, because what our case comes down to is, are we going to have a civil justice system in the United States, or a military justice system? The civil justice system is something that’s ingrained in the Constitution and was always very important in combating tyranny and building a democratic society. And what the NDAA is trying to impose is a system of military justice that allows the military to police the streets of America, to detain U.S. citizens, to detain residents in the United States, in military prisons. And I say that probably the most frightening aspect of the NDAA is that it allows for detention, quote, ‘until the end of hostilities.’ We’re now, by my count, at day 4,163 of this war, which is an open-ended war against al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and now it’s defined as ‘associated forces’ in the NDAA.”

Challenging NDAA Indefinite Detention, Second Panel

Said Chris Hedges: “The drone wars … the NDAA … the FISA Amendment Act … what they’re attempting to do is legally justify what they’re already doing. They have argued that under the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force they have the right to assassinate American citizens. I have read that act innumerable times … and none of us find that in the act. That is, to be generous, a radical interpretation of the AUMF. And so what they’re seeking to do is legally justify, in the same way that [Bush assistant attorney general John] Yoo was attempting to legally justify torture, they’re essentially looking for kind of legal cover. … It’s all a part of this very rapid descent into a frightening form of corporate totalitarianism.”


Chris Hedges “Brace Yourself! The American Empire Is Over & The Descent Is Going To Be Horrifying!”


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