Psychology of FEAR and the Magicians of Sound and Vision

While researching aspects of False-Flag terrorism, I came across this interesting bit of analysis, published at: InformationLiberation, on Feb. 16th 2006:

Television and the Hive Mind

TV and the Hive MindSixty-four years ago this month, six million Americans became unwitting subjects in an experiment in psychological warfare.

 It was the night before Halloween, 1938. At 8 p.m. CST, the Mercury Radio on the Air began broadcasting Orson Welles’ radio adaptation of H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. As is now well-known, the story was presented as if it were breaking news, with bulletins so realistic that an estimated one million people believed the world was actually under attack by Martians. Of that number, thousands succumbed to outright panic, not waiting to hear Welles’ explanation at the end of the program that it had all been a Halloween prank, but fleeing into the night to escape the alien invaders.

 Later, psychologist Hadley Cantril conducted a study of the effects of the broadcast and published his findings in a book, The Invasion from Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic. This study explored the power of broadcast media, particularly as it relates to the suggestibility of human beings under the influence of fear.

Influential think-tank representatives huddled together with radio broadcast researchers and engineers over this marvelous ‘mass brainwashing tool.’ More like demented children playing with a box of matches, probing its nature, with vulgar intent on how to best exploit those forces for personal gratification!

The article goes on to say that:

Two years later, with Rockefeller Foundation money, Cantril established the Office of Public Opinion Research (OPOR), also at Princeton. Among the studies conducted by the OPOR was an analysis of the effectiveness of “psycho-political operations” (propaganda, in plain English) of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Then, during World War II, Cantril ‘and Rockefeller money’ assisted CFR member and CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow in setting up the Princeton Listening Center, the purpose of which was to study Nazi radio propaganda with the object of applying Nazi techniques to OSS propaganda. Out of this project came a new government agency, the Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service (FBIS). The FBIS eventually became the United States Information Agency (USIA), which is the propaganda arm of the National Security Council.

 Thus, by the end of the 1940s, the basic research had been done and the propaganda apparatus of the national security state had been set up–just in time for the Dawn of Television.

the blackpool ballroom wurlitzer

Bid Me Discourse. I Will Enchant Thine Ear.

What the article fails to mention is that the CIA, under first spook Chief Allen Dulles, illegally unleashed Joseph Goebbels propaganda apparatus upon the American Public. Frank Wisner Sr. who ran Mockingbird, as it was called, in its earliest days once boasted that the operation was like a mighty Wurlitzer … I can play any tune I want on it and America will follow along.

Imagine Wisner’s comment embracing the meticulously videographed collapsing of the world trade towers as it was unfolding with the chaotic images of horror being seared into the public’s mind, looped over and over and over again, ad nauseam,  through the branding iron of the tele-vision set. Once the collective mental apparatus had been creamed into a compliant pliable soup, the ensuing days of delirium brought it into a giddy swoon to meet the demands of the magician’s voices emanating from the speaker of the vision-machine, spun into a maelstrom with the thumping of chests and typical demonization of the ‘other’ necessary to get the blood boiling with hatred. Without a single question answered, like mad blind apes on steroids, they all grabbed clubs and started bashing heads, while the false-flag perpetrators laugh from their pit of depravity.

“…I can play any tune I want…



and America will follow along…”

And so they did! Obediently, Johnny went marching off to ‘war’ to defend the predatory voracious appetites of Wall Street Casinos and its nest of multinational investment banksters. Johnny’s patriotism and energy being misdirected and diverted into, what Major General Smedley Butler defined as, a mob of gangsters and thugs for Capitalism; the racketeers who look that other way when Johnny comes wheeling home minus some, or all of his appendages.

One last important observation from the article:

The reptilian brain makes it possible for us to survive as biological beings, but it also leaves us vulnerable to the manipulations of television programmers.

It is not just commercials that manipulate us. On television news as well, image and sound are as carefully selected and edited to influence human thought and behavior as in any commercial. The news anchors and reporters themselves are chosen for their physical attractiveness–a factor which, as numerous psychological studies have shown, contributes to our perception of a person’s trustworthiness.

tinkerbell on tv screenBy molding our perception of the world, they mold our opinions. This distortion of reality is determined as much by what is left out of the evening news as what is included, or contrived. If it’s not on television, it never happened. Out of sight, out of mind.


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