Dr. Frankenstein to Resuscitate Neanderthal Man Using DNA Embryo Implant

Thanks to Joseph Farrell for plucking this nightmare from our world parked on Elm Street.

Golem of Prague

Golem of Prague

What a wonderful tool this would make in the hands of evil ingenuity such as that which thrive within the hallowed cloisters of DARPA….a Golem super-weapon to fend off Commies, Islamists or any other such thorny nuisances deemed a threat to the Corporatarchy.

The patent office must be swamped with applications from the churning, vacuous minds burning the midnight oil on this one.

Neanderthal man, DNA experiments and the shadow of Dr. Frankenstein

Conjuring Humaculus

Faust Conjuring Homunculus

Perhaps we could synthesize a uterus, caused to grow within the petri of adventurous Professor Church, 58, who can then carry his own homunculus to term.

It’s obvious the domesticated biped, Professor Church, 58, has been nibbling on Monsanto nibblets far too long, causing his thinking faculties to be deprived of oxygen.

If the Neanderthal nightmare doesn’t phase you then perhaps this one will!

Human/pig hybrid creatures will soon be legally grown inside of the United States.


Pharma-Chemical Conjuring Humi-Pig

Described here is a “cutting edge” new program that will produce pigs containing human genetic material.  These hybrid pigs will be “grown” in order to manufacture organs for transplants into humans.

You can hang the cloned creature in your closet for when you need an arm, leg, brain or other deteriorating component, with scraps to be sent off to your local ‘Soylent Green’ SPAM (Specially Processed American Meat) factory.

What sort of rights, or privileges will this, on the hoof, spare parts suitcase carry?



Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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