GLADIO Lives Within the Deep Dark Twisted Heart of America

Finally something with teeth appears on the landscape, but not to be seen or heard of in the land of toothless, mindless lame-stream media.

Amy Goodman exposes a raw nerve with the following salvo as Jeremy Scahill unwraps a new documentary:

As President Barack Obama prepared to be sworn in for his second term as the 44th president of the United States, two courageous journalists premiered a documentary at the annual Sundance Film Festival. “Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield” reaffirms the critical role played by independent journalists like the film’s director, Rick Rowley, and its narrator and central figure, Jeremy Scahill. The increasing pace of U.S. drone strikes, and the Obama administration’s reliance on shadowy special forces to conduct military raids beyond the reach of oversight and accountability, were summarily missed over the inaugural weekend by a U.S. press corps obsessed with first lady Michelle Obama’s new bangs…


Scahill & Rowley Sundance Film Festival

Obama’s Dirty Wars Exposed at Sundance

The key words in the above statement are: ‘Shadowy Special Forces’ and what those words actually portend a reference to.

I don’t totally agree with Scahill & Rowley’s assumptions, because, quite frankly, much of the U.S./ CIA/ NATO Military operations are rogue and sail under the radar of public scrutiny, including Obama’s.

The heart of the matter is the WWII ‘Stay Behinds’ currently grouped under the single Italian logo of GLADIO; secret armies, fed with illicit funding such as drug money, pumped through nefarious government arteries. These ‘Stay Behinds’ also known as the ‘Deep State’ are run in parallel to legit ops, with separate marching orders and instructions to subvert, sabotage, kill and destroy any emerging political head, squelch any public uprising that dares oppose or embarrass the fascist market place.

Should any elected head anywhere on the surface of the globe foster alternative attitudes within a significant portion of the public, the terror artists simply spark what is known as a ‘Synthetic Terror’ event within the mass, a product of such psychological articulation and impetus to cause the crowd to rush into the arms of the fascists for ever more security.

Canned violence, cloaked to emanate from the opponent of the day, should any opposition force dare to raise its head in the land of Mammon, that’s the name of the game.

This ideology of hatred has become the foundation of the extreme right, brimming with anti-Communist loathing that spawned justification for the depravity that ensued during the course of WWII, which continues today magnified and carried forward through the clandestine structures of the CIA, NATO and Pentagon; entities of nefarious vision, spiced with rabid sadistic patriotism and absolutely no oversight, answering only to the predations of capitalism; in essence, they tend to operate as automaton rogues on behalf of their investors…the bland candy coated surface of democracy is only window dressing.

Richard Cottrell writes in GLADIO:

Professor John Duffield of Atlanta State University observed where any collection of countries opts for an internationalized co-operative to oversee their security, invariably such a body ‘will reflect the calculations of self-interest of the most powerful member state.’ In other words, NATO was designed by a committee of one. Richard Nixon confirmed this in a remark: ‘Because NATO was a military alliance and we were in charge of it, NATO was pursuing policy ends that chiefly met American interests.’

As to what Nixon might have meant by ‘American interests’ is anyone’s guess.

So when Obama told the public that NATO humanitarian intervention in Libya belonged solely to NATO, well think again. The carnage visited upon Libya was made in the USA, specifically within the bowel’s of the Pentagon.

NATO Grand Master Anders Fogh Rasmussen - AustinThe grand vizier of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, stated in March 2010 that NATO is a ‘permanent alliance’ whose self-appointed duties will include intervening in the affairs of so-called failed states. This too is a warning to back-sliders.

Once a member always a member; NATO reserves the right to over-ride any local national vetoes on any military expeditions so ordered by NATO war chiefs.

No individual anywhere will be allowed to ascend to political power that might threaten or impede capitalist aspirations.

NATO’s definition of a ‘FAILED STATE’ can be easily surmised by how the CIA/Pentagon Alliance has treated such ‘failed states’ historically who’ve dared stray from the multinational fascist model. Their bloody fingerprints engulf the entire planet from Europe, Vietnam, South and Central America and currently fanning out from the Middle East.

The language within NATO’s incorporating documents, obviously slays any thought of sovereignty that might bubble to the surface and any notion of independence is simply feigned for public benefit.

So much for independent thought, aspirations, human rights, transparency and a plethora of issues that are simply trampled by this cabal of bloody-booted brute minds armed to the teeth with big egos.

NATO members will not practice impudently independent foreign policies.

In light of these brief articles of incorporation, what possible self-governing choices can ‘any’ progressive president, anywhere, harbor without placing themselves within the ubiquitous NATO/CIA/GLADIO crosshairs? The outcome and answer should be obvious, for its twisted apparition appeared in 1963 Dallas to murder Kennedy for being ‘soft’ on Communism. This criminal mindset continues to sit in power and makes a mockery of justice and democracy, while counting their coins.



On 13th March, 1962, General Lyman Lemnitzer, with the support of Curtis Lemay, wanted President Kennedy to carry out acts of terrorism in the USA.

The Lemnitzer plan, called Operation Northwoods, suggested that Kennedy should arrange a terror campaign in Miami and Washington and blame it on Castro.

Lemnitzer despised civil governments interference into military affairs and in his view thought the country would be better off if the generals could take over, in complete defiance to that great rule book called the Constitution, which subordinates the military to strict supervision of the civilian hierarchy.

Charles de Gaulle - Independent of Mind

Charles de Gaulle – Independent of Mind

President Kennedy sacked Lemnitzer (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1960 to 1962) for rank insubordination. Rather than a complete humiliating demotion, Lemnitzer was exiled in secondment to France as top NATO commander where he ran amuck with repeated CIA-GLADIO sponsored attempts to assassinate French President Charles de Gaulle, who ended up kicking NATO out of France.

France, it appeared to Lemnitzer, was swamped with Communists and Socialists.

From 1963 to 1969 Lemnitzer served as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. Many suspect that Lemnitzer might have reaped revenge in Dallas for his public banishment.

Naomi Klein’s: The Shock Doctrine brought to light the conspiracy to privatize war and disaster, a tool for grabbing public property for the exploitation of the fascist market place of the rich and the few.

naomi-kleinThe ideologues from the industry of war, along with a variety of other complicit steering committee tools that drive the public mind, present a portrait of any free open agrarian society, living in open gardens with the earth, having established local ‘social’ networks, as contemptible, backwards ‘mental patients’ in need of ‘shock therapy’.

This is the same Shock-n-Awe therapy we watched reign down upon the Iraqi civilization employed by the Fascist doctor in order to sweep out the malady that was an affront to the well-heeled predations of the multinational capitalists.

Currently we see the Obama whisperer, Zbigniew Brzezinski – evil spirit of 5 U.S. Presidents – who has Barack’s cranium swimming with commies……well, let’s make that commies which have morphed into Islamists. The steering committee has succeeded in resurrecting that same dark Joseph McCarthy specter with which to inflame the public mind once again, but of a different flavor.

Their ‘Public Relations Firms’ have the capacity to paint the public mind with whatever picture they wish to convey, they supply the Firms with the brushes and paint-by-number sets. Do a search on Frank Wisner’s Wurlitzer.

“Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the state.” – James Jesus Angelton – Director of CIA Counter Intelligence (1954-74)

“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” – William Colby – Director of the CIA (1973-76)

If you wish to connect more of the dots, please read:

GLADIO– NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe (The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis) by Richard Cottrell 2012

Also: Blowback by Christopher Simpson 1988

Blowback: Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi Father of CIA – Don’t Look Back
CIA-Mossad in Benghazi, Five Dancing Israelis and The USS Liberty
Major General Smedley Butler and The Fascist Takeover Of The USA
Bradley Manning, the Little Guy Trapped Within the Jaws of Bloody Madness

TD 100x96Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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1 Response to GLADIO Lives Within the Deep Dark Twisted Heart of America

  1. Imrana says:

    sadly-sociopaths believe it is alhrigt to do something evil-it is actually good when you do something evil-if you first make up a good reason for it-lie and make an act of evil seem justifiable – excusable or especially heroic-something that will save everyone.unfortunately many people agree with them.That is how soulless sociopaths think.Dropping 2 nuclear bombs on 2 cities in Japan-was good to the sociopaths-because it saved you-it heroically stopped the war.Of course that is a fat lie-but you believe it.You idiots fall for it time after time.You never admit the truth-that evil is evil and violence is wrong and never excusable.So they just have to set up a reason-to do do evil-a fake boogyman-that is really them-but you won’t know.-then when they use it to justify doing evil-that evil will seem like a good.Sociopaths/psychopaths sit for hours on end thinking-planning how to do evil and get away with it=so they can keep doing more evil.Unless you see the truth-that killing 12 people or actors in a movie theater is evil and also-banning guns because of it is also evil-you are all idiots.Evil is evil-My father told me that when I was a child-2 wrongs don’t make a right.Why do they tell you another wrong fixes the original wrong and you believe them???If you can’r grasp the difference between good and evil-there really is no hope, you most likely are becoming a sociopath yourself.People need to stand up and stop the lies.


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