Judge Implies President Could be Criminally Prosecuted for Commiting Murder by Drone

Power run completely amuck! No Congressional oversight whatsoever, no questions from the fourth estate, allowing tyranny to fly as close to the sun as it wishes, without even scorching a wing.

In which case, everyone in the House, including the watch-dogs, is proven to be criminally insane. They’ve all crossed the Rubicon so far beyond the point of any return, with no other options but to defend their insanity from the ensnarement of any prosecutorial fervor that might dare challenge their depravity; leaving ever greater atrocities in the wake as they ‘Lean Forward’.

Obama Signs NDAA Bill Allowing Indefinite Detention and Orders Assassinations with No Oversight. With the appointment of kill list partner, John Brennan, to spook chief of CIA, the unhampered kill shots will, no doubt, widen and escalate as planned under Petraeus.

Meanwhile, the teleprompt reading bobble-heads, continue to babble senseless trivialities, interspersed with drug and automobile ads.

Brief Highlights –

RATNER: …Judge Forrest, in the District of Columbia, actually ruled in favor of Hedges and Ellsberg that the law was unconstitutional because Ellsberg, Hedges, and others who challenge the law could actually be held in indefinite detention for the words that they spoke or what they wrote…

…The government then, in the most aggressive way they could, Obama appealed that to the circuit court…So right now the NDAA is still good law…it’s still being heavily, heavily litigated.

…Hedges attacked the most pernicious aspect and the most constitutionally protected aspect, which is holding an American citizen…

Now, it brings me to a second issue that I want to get to in this short piece, which is Obama’s drone policy. Again, it comes up in the context of the murder of, killing of American citizens Anwar al-Aulaqi, his son, Rahman al-Aulaqi, and another American citizen, all in Yemen. The Center for Constitutional Rights challenged those killings initially. We lost. They were killed by drones after our lawsuit.

…an extraordinary decision was written by a judge about targeted assassinations by Obama and his administration. It was a case in which the ACLU and The New York Times went to court to try and get the legal basis under which Obama said he could designate people for death, American citizens and otherwise.

…So you have this policy of the president on his own deciding who can be murdered or assassinated, even if they’re American citizens. And what was incredible about the judges’ decision, the judge said or implied that the president could actually be criminally prosecuted for killing of a U.S. citizen overseas and said the president is not exempt from the law that prohibits people or citizens in the United States or people anywhere in the world from killing U.S. citizens overseas. So she made an implication that it may be that the president could actually be prosecuted for these targeted assassinations around the world.

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TD 100x96Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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