Solar Warden an Update

Joseph Farrell discusses an article regarding the Solar Warden, a secret space program that found its way onto the Huffington Post.

(Discussion begins at timer mark around 2:40)

Computer wizard, Gary McKinnon, allegedly gained unauthorized access to a network of government computers. Mckinnon’s curiosity lead him to seek out to either prove or disprove the existence of UFOs.

Having caught the miscreant with his hand in the cookie jar, the U.S. government set into motion extradition proceedings, laden with wishes to lob off the head of the camel that dared poke its nose under god’s tent.

However, over the course of time, U.S. attempts to extradite Mckinnon have grown futile. For the moment, the hound’s of hell have been put to leash and Mckinnon may continue to breathe free air and to live out his life under the light of the sun.

Huffington Post Article


Secret Space Program and the Breakaway Civilization: Richard Dolan
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DoD Confirms Reality of Secret SOLAR WARDEN Space Program to UFO researcher
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TD 100x96Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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1 Response to Solar Warden an Update

  1. Jon emmott says:

    Am quiet happy to go with most of this solar warden stuff…however the alleged confirmation from d.o.d. I find hard to believe. Freedom of information with regards to pentagon , politics and defence agency’s does not happen in that manner where i could ring nasa up and say ‘ by the way, can you tell me about classified project solar warden’ …so that am not buyin… I most definatly believe there is a defense agency in space with tech. Developed throughout 50’s, 60’s to present date, but because of my personal passion wishin i was in space and the need to know, maybe because its a human trait, i wonder sometimes if due to this i would believe anything…if its not true who is putting this stuff out there and why .? To feed ones imagination or to distract us all from the truth.?


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