U.S. Administration Weeps Crocodile Tears Over Slain Sandy Hook Children

As the nation puts to rest its own slaughtered innocent, the Pentagon has quietly confirmed plans to replenish the U.S.-made munitions used by Israel to reign down death and destruction upon the Gaza Strip. Congress has been notified of a $647 million deal to resupply the Israeli Air Force with the bombs and missiles it had depleted in Gaza. The U.S.-backed Israeli attack killed more than 180 Palestinians, including many children. Congress is expected to approve the deal this week.

Risk Free Murder

Risk Free Murder

U.S. Drone Strikes Have Killed 176 Children in Pakistan Alone. In metaphor, like father, like son: is the American drone captain the person Adam Lanza was seeking to emulate when he burst upon the scene, clad in military/swat-team regalia and opened fire, on children barely out of the crib, if that is in fact what actually happened?

America’s, state-run news network, CNN reports that senior U.S. officials are dismissing information suggesting covert American drone strikes in Pakistan have killed 385 civilians; nearly half of them children, says the findings by the London-based Bureau for Investigative Journalism are faulty and uncorroborated.

The short outline offered here is just the small tip of a very massive iceberg when it comes to the over two decades long, unmitigated barbaric carnage and suffering the American industry of death has rained down upon the people’s of the Middle East, with untold millions slaughtered and untold millions left to live as refugees in tent cities on the outskirts of humanity, out of sight, out of mind.

Prior to CIA spook chief, Petraeus, being paraded before the corporate lens with his pants down, Petraeus was calling for an escalation in drone activity, extending the strike zone into regions as far as the long arm of the empire could manage to reach under its bogus – Global War on Terror – so the body count of children and civilians resulting from its mindless, aerial blood-sport is, no doubt, astronomically greater than we know.

The slaughter; murder of just one individual is one too many, whereas those U.S. trained trophy hunters pulling the trigger, brazenly brush aside the spilling of innocent blood as nothing more than collateral damage, something to be expected when hunting down and killing undesirables; even with smart munitions in the hands of dumb people.

The NRA (National Rifle Association), self-proclaimed defenders against possible government tyranny, in response to the Sandy Hook massacre, stated that the solution to the problem is to post armed guards at every school facility across the nation, in other words, the NRA suggests militarizing the entire American school system. A gun in every hand so that we can open fire when spooked by our own image in the mirror.

No one has yet to voice a concern about what might transpire should one of these fully armed watchmen slip through the cracks, chemically stripped of his faculties from having ingested big pharma meds, resulting in a guard appearing for duty with one sandwich shy of a picnic.

It just goes to show, that in the end, all of these towering monoliths become self-aggrandizing. The incoherent banter now emanating from the wounded edifice under scrutiny, its sputtering vocalist’s flailing madly in effort to push the correct psychological buttons within the sea of frightened flesh, seek to rouse a sympathetic resonance as it stands to defend its well established, now teetering business, are simply soiling their pants over what they have wrought, gagging on their own lofty deprecations – once railed against that dark slippery opponent, but now themselves have become.

Ethnic Cleanser Erik Prince

Ethnic Cleanser Erik Prince

I’m sure even the omnipotent mercenary, crusader Erik Prince, CEO of the former U.S. terrorist training camp, Blackwater, currently Xi, felt his ears prickle with electricity at the prospective opportunities such a new development might bring to his table.

More than once, Prince has proclaimed from the mountaintop that he perceives himself, along with his cadre of gun-slingers, to have been called by ‘god’ to cleanse the planet of the Muslim scourge. This insane person instead of being in chains and behind bars, is instead armed and employed by the U.S. government which seems it fit to send this brute imbecile out on his cleansing missionary work.

American Terrorist

American Terrorist

Recruiters Teaching Children

Recruiters Teaching Children

What of the fringe elements that currently fill out and lurk from within the ranks of the U.S. military establishment? How many DARPA fabricated, doped up Adam Lanza’s are members of this ‘death-cult’?

What of the innocent children, who’ve been conned into offering the self up to, so-called, patriotic duty, but in the words of Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, are nothing more than a hit squad for the Corporations? Who will disarm this massive band of trained serial killers, who’ve become psychologically marred and scarred for life by these merchant’s of death?

Then there is the unconscionable Pharmaceutical Industry who utilize that vast sea of flesh, not only as a source from which to pluck lucrative profits, but without worry of any oversight, perceive this sea as a personal chemistry lab for the experimentation and implementation of its chemical debauchery upon an unsuspecting public that has become tamed by the ad industry representing these criminal’s ubiquitous products and the pushers that dole them out like candy.

As a sidebar let us digress for a moment and peer into another corridor that might provide a clue as to what motivates this careless disregard for human life. Could there be something even more foul and sinister being played out here?

By now, we should all be acquainted with the depraved mind and history of that contemptible edifice, and the dark magicians which dwell within, the CIA. Many of us have already choked upon the spectre raised recently by others regarding this very familiar footprint in our current presence, of a brash coterie of psyche-shredders who care not how low one must stoop to achieve a desired effect or result. Are these people so demented that they would use children as bait to push the psychological buttons of the public?

2 faces of james holmesWhat of the incongruities that appeared, and unanswered loose ends that remain, regarding the Aurora movie theater slaughter on opening night of the Batman movie: “Dark Knight Rises”? Again a similar question begs an answer, is it really John Holmes?

The CIA is certainly not beyond reproach here, the accusing finger, like the magnetic needle of a compass, swings naturally towards the direction of its cocoon, where the malignancy of dark abnormal mental aberration’s were encouraged to spawn and gestate to fruition from the moment of its inception in 1947.

Was Newtown Shooter Mind Controlled? CIA Documents Give Evidence by COTO Report

There’ve been similarities pointed out between the carnage wrought upon a group of children on Utoya Island, Norway, a summer camp for young political activists, on July 22, 2011 by avowed Zionist, Anders Breivik and the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook.

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today had this post up on his site: Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath: Intelligence analyst

It should be noted that the motto for Israel’s Mossad is: “By deception thou shalt do war.” I suspect the Mossad motto is not much different from that of the Nazi founded CIA.

Coincidently, Sandy Hook, Connecticut is home to Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games. In the book, 24 kids are chosen to die for the entertainment of the masses.

sandy hook strike zone warner brosAnother bizarre coincidence, has seemingly tied Sandy Hook to the mass shooting in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater when during a midnight screening of the film, the word “Aurora” was spotted in bright lights atop a building in Dark Knight Rises while supposedly “Sandy Hook” is labeled as a “Strike Zone” on a map within the Dark Knight Rises movie.

It is a known fact that an internet propaganda artist that goes by the handle: Sorcha Faal has successfully duped a number of investigators, leading them down into a rabbit hole which panders to their own fears. Is Sorcha Faal a Joseph Goebbels, Wisner’s Wurlitzer wanna-be, or does Faal actually spring from within that noxious Nazi-CIA cabal itself?

One such Sorcha Faal plant had conjured a massive gas explosion out in Indiana into a Drone attack initiated by Obama. It prayed on the public’s discontent and suspicions as it ricocheted throughout the internet.

Another Sorcha Faal plant is: Obama Death Squads Kill Top Gun Activists As New Massacre Fears Rise

Is there a game afoot intent on destroying a massive communicative tool, by turning it into an untrustworthy tower of babel?

Whatever the case might be the fact remains that the internet is now aflame as each investigator trips over each others fears. So who is pulling whose strings here, for what purpose and to what end?

As to the feigned tears over the brutal slaying of innocent life, this to shall pass once the magician’s of sound and vision have deemed their task a success, the savage and cowardly drone strikes will continue, unabated, without a mummer of concern over the brutal extinguishment of innocent human life. Where are the tears for those slain?

We are a devious gangster nation, and no friend to its neighbors. The entire culture is sick to the bone, with its psychopathic attraction to violence; glorifying it in visual and aural media as entertainment, everyone within its fold should fall down upon their knees in shame. There is no love within its dark, empty, callous and conniving heart.

It isn’t the Mayan calendar we should fear, but that of the diabolical intentions of the nautonnier’s hand upon the helm, whose sails are inflated with the lunacy of a self-fulfilling prophecy and prepared to dash this ship of state onto the rocks to prove its vanity. I’m not referring to Barack, but to the head of the national security state, and the multinational corporate fleet of destructive machinery that it wields. Let us hope that a course correction for this behemoth is not beyond all hope.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, trusted lap dog of Rockefeller interests; with whom Zbig jointly created the Trilateral Commission in the 1970s; an appendage to the Council on Foreign Relations which is a spinoff from and sister to the European Rothschild group, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, stated in one of his early publications that the population, Brzezinski referred to it as a herd, was in drastic need of culling.

obama whisperer brzezinskiBrzezinski, referred to as the Evil Spirit of five US Presidents, is the same ‘whispering’, parrot that occupies the shoulder of current President Obama, whose ear he had inveigled himself into very early on.

suspect killed in drone attack

Just Another Drone Victum

The entire U.S. population is criminal for allowing this carnage to continue in the name of a leadership that touts secret “kill-lists”, a population who sacrifice their children to the ranks of military hit-squads; goons for the corporations, that go out and kill other people’s children and then expect empathy when similar darkness falls upon their own doorsteps.

Crocodile tears!

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TD 100x96Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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