Wounded Knee and Black Friday Overstuffed Turkeys

Black Friday Trample

The Wal-Mart Herd

….and to all bargain hounds perched to lurch upon that discounted LCD wide panel display, put together in some distant mud-hut sweatshop: be careful not to get yourselves trampled on the way in, or on the way out; following a day of ‘Stuffing’ and marination with and in Monsanto GMO embalming products, the aftermath would not present a very pleasant spectacle to the eyes of other overstuffed, red-tag seekers.

At the end of the day, an entrepreneurial Free-Marketeer has even produced a tee-shirt (pop-up ad) for your ‘purchase’, to proudly display your herd mentality as you participate in the next black friday, red-tag stampede.

Better yet, remember Wounded Knee and contemplate what it is we fight and invade for!

Wounded Knee Turkey-Shoot

Consider how Black the Friday was for the indigenous population when the savage U.S. cavalry headed those Indians into a boxed canyon for a ‘turkey-shoot’.

And of course, you might know who REALLY started the scalping.

Typically the genocidal “white man” cavalry, on trying to clear the land of unpleasant pests, offered their soldiers compensation for every scalp they brought in, proving that they had murdered an’ injun.’

Born To Shop 1916

For the indigenous population, what’s left of it, every Friday is Black!

But, no one living within this neck of a forest full of trees can ever remember John Wayne; their history book, committing such a despicable act. Within this forest, the denizens are just too good to be bad!

Bush with Plastic Turkey Iraq Photo Op

….and, of course, there’s the extended turkey-shoot that continues to this day in the Middle East, executed by what Marine Corps Major General, Smedley Butler termed, “gangsters for the corporations.” From this evolved perspective though, the antiseptic sniper picks off his undesirables from the lofty perch of a Predator Drone, and doesn’t require the confines of a boxed canyon.


Wal-Mart Black Friday Slugfest Over Phones During 2012 Red-tag Special

Adam Curtis exposes the public manipulation we sense but usually don’t understand. His BBC documentaries are legendary in Britain but practically unknown in the US. An American network executive who wouldn’t even let his name be used said “we would be crucified if we showed that here”. These documentaries are like a graduate course in how the American and British public has been silently herded like cattle since the end of World War I.

See the BBC production:
The Power of Nightmares.

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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