Bradley Manning, the Little Guy Trapped Within the Jaws of Bloody Madness


Let’s forget George W, who knowingly lied us into a, so-called, war with bogus tales of WMD and dots connecting Al Qaeda to yellow-cake everywhere. The meaningless two decade spurt of state sponsored terrorism raining down upon the Iraqi population has only cost tens of thousands of American dead, even more mental and physical cripples, and trillions of dollars that helped destroy our economy.

Let’s forget about the several million Iraqi’s that have been brutally dispossessed, living as refugees in tent cities on the out-skirts of humanity; out of sight, out of mind, not to mention the million or so that have been slaughtered in the name of predatory capitalism, whose land has been laid waste by toxic depleted uranium munitions, incendiary cluster bombs that will continue to kill and maim long after brutish invaders have fled the crime scene.


Let’s forget murder and video-game drone killing of the innocent, with antiseptic snipers squirreled away at some comfortable, remote location squeezing the trigger on a joystick as they carry out extrajudicial assassinations from a compiled ‘hit list’, in the name of who knows who.



Let’s forget State Department lies and cover-ups that have left this nation on the wrong side of history, not only as related to the Middle East, but a pariah to a growing number of watchful eyes in the rest of the world. In 1953 when Iran nationalized their oil, the CIA, at the behest of our friends at BP, mounted Operation Ajax, a covert, violent insurrection that led to the removal of duly elected Mohammad Mossadegh, prime minister of Iran, replaced by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, and grand darling to big oil and Wall Street speculators.

Bitter Tears

Iran was a peaceful Democracy until CIA’s vile intervention left in its wake a hatred for which dim-witted rhetorician’s mouth meaningless dribble of why they hate us. Our so-called “secrets” have helped to wreck this nation, in the process, dragging the entire world into an economic gutter of debauched chaos. The state secrets are to protect liars, thieves, idiots, true traitors to the people, and monsters from being punished for Real crimes against the nation and humanity. Their ‘laws’ are written by, for and of the bullies clutching a fist full of nukes in each hand; who take what does not belong to them by force.

Yes, LET’S DUMP IT ALL ON THE LITTLE GUY! No one will ever know!

We did it once before and got away with it when we publicly fried the Rosenberg’s in the General Electric Chair. After we’ve scrambled his mental faculties, he’ll be as docile as a lamb, clay in the hands of our CIA potter’s.

Let’s forget the current President, who has lied and back-peddled on every single major promise, only helping bankster’s, insurance scam artists, big pharma and the likes, while he pre-judges Bradley Manning. When the Commander-in-Chief says someone is guilty, it is about as possible for a military judge to strike the incised remark from their mind as it is when a courtroom attorney blurts out an inadmissible statement to the jury. The glancing blow has already left its mark.

And let’s forget the worst criminals – all those bribed Congress-thugs who took money from banks, et al, and passed laws that helped to wreck our economy – costing millions of jobs and homes.

So let’s pile all of the evil perpetrated by the American government onto the little guy for exposing the dirt under their bedroom rug – he caused all of our problems. Sure he did. Telling the truth in a world of lies is certainly wrong. Give the public the Mushroom treatment – keep us in the dark and feed us Shit. God forbid the public should find out its government is nothing but a depraved, psychopathic murderer; a despot who garners friendship through the deceitfulness of lies, bribery and other such nefariousness?

And let’s drag Assange into it. To prove we’re right, we can publicly shoot both messengers with one bullet. We can do it, after all, we have the ‘law’ on our side! But oh, the bend-over boys in the cowardly Swedish government are going to do the job for us, and hang him for the terrible crime of forgetting to use a rubber during consensual sex. The “thanks” of the US State Department to the bribe-takers in Sweden will be generous, I’m sure.

Yes, LET’S DUMP IT ALL ON THE INNOCENT LITTLE GUY! Meanwhile, the arsonist continues to burn down the family farm!

Pressure Put on Manning to Implicate Assange
Assange Grinning after Meatballs and Schnapps with WikiLeaks Boss and Woman Who Says he Sexually Assaulted Her 48 Hours Earlier
Bush, Blair Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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