Red-Lining the Clownish Mannerism’s of Bibi Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu entered the assembly hall of the United Nations; a body for which Israel and its party of war has repeatedly shown little respect; evidenced by their contemptuous breach of every single UN Resolution ever levied against them, clutching a fistful of cartoonish flow charts in one hand, and knowingly weighted force of nuclear warheads clutched behind his back in the other, Bibi begins ranting unjustifiable madness railed against his neighbors. Attempting to stir anxiety within the ranks of the assembly by the spewing of dark, bombastic drivel from the lectern, leaves one with the image almost as childish as when Nikita Khrushchev ‘allegedly’ removed his shoe and began pounding the podium, bellowing, “We will bury you!”

I say allegedly, because no one seems to have any archival footage of the incident. So, in order to portray the savage bashing of the delegate’s desk using Soviet footwear a fake was produced.

The clownish mannerisms of Netanyahu would be funny if the clown wasn’t armed with dangerous weapons of mass destruction. But, thanks to the ingenuity of enterprising American Arms Dealerships making such hardware available, not only to Israel, but worldwide via its global network of CIA-Military Wall-Street hucksters, Bibi’s puffed up ego can now rant and rave with absolute abandonment, summoning flowcharts with red-lines while holding a gun to the head of a world full of hostages.

Gordon Duff, speaking to Iran’s Press TV, summed up his observation of Netanyahu in one sentence, “People here and people I talk to around the world, people I talk to in Israel believe that Netanyahu has become mentally unstable and he needs to be removed from office and perhaps hospitalized.”

I stand up to salute and pledge allegiance to the real aficionado of footwear, the Iraqi journalist, Muntadhar al-Zaidiwho who placed foot apparel on the world map when he turned his leathers into emotional projectiles emulating a most highest order of disgust.

This shoe’s for you Bibi!

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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