Ooops – Wrong Target, US Drone Strike Mistakenly Kills 13 Civilians in Yemen

Protests and Fury erupted in Yemen following an errant U.S. drone strike that killed 13 civilians on Sunday, Sept. 2nd.

(Did the remotely located Joystick Cowboy, perhaps, suffer a hangover from previous night’s shoot out and celebration? Maybe erratic signals from JP Morgan’s, Stuxnet infested, trading software jammed the signal on the Cowboy’s gaming console, causing the gameboy cadet to murder innocent fellow human beings.)

“This was one of the very few times when our target was completely missed. It was a mistake, but we hope it will not hurt our anti-terror efforts in the region, says a concerned “unnamed senior Yemeni Defense Ministry.”

(Did I read, or hear right? “We hope it will not hurt our anti-terror efforts in the region” …….anti-terror efforts? What anti-terror efforts are these people lunatics – dispatching terror from the sky – referring to?)

“You want us to stay quiet while our wives and brothers are being killed for no reason. This attack is the real terrorism,” Mansoor al-Maweri, who was near the strike.

The U.S. has stated that the U.S.-Yemen alliance is strong.  Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser John “Brennan and President Hadi reaffirmed the unshakable partnership between Yemen and the United States, and President Hadi pledged not to let terrorist acts interfere with Yemen’s peaceful political transition.”

(There we have it again, the perpetrator pretending as though nothing inappropriate had transpired, but instead, the guilty party points its distracting finger of blame towards a foggy horizon, while the ‘unshakable’ partnership in friendly fire terrorists acts for peace are reaffirmed.) 

CNN reports on words of warning from an activist in Yemen:

“I would not be surprised if a hundred tribesmen joined the lines of al Qaeda as a result of the latest drone mistake,” Nasr Abdullah, an activist in the district of the attack, told CNN. “This part of Yemen takes revenge very seriously.”

(Surprisingly insightful observation by a ‘trusted’ news source! I about fell out of my chair! Although, CNN did fail to mention any response from the Drone Captain himself or how this target stood on the Drone Captain’s kill list.)

Reporting from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism shows at least 50 U.S. drones strikes in Yemen since 2002.

(The above hypocrisy laden exchange is beyond thick!)

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

(All emphasis and injected cynical remarks are my responsibility. For, the original, less visceral, version of the story, see link below.)

Protests, Fury After US Drone Strike Kills 13 Civilians in Yemen | Common Dreams
– Common Dreams staff

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2 Responses to Ooops – Wrong Target, US Drone Strike Mistakenly Kills 13 Civilians in Yemen

  1. Mark says:

    Yeah it must be the movie that’s got those folks all up in a fuss. Couldn’t have anything to do with our terrorist drones.


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