Tommy Chong: “Prison Gave Me Cancer, Treating with Hemp Oil”

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Alert iconPublished 11th June by CNN the you tube clip explains how Tommy has contracted Prostrate cancer and how before he may have, like any other unknowledgeable person, broken down at the thought, but instead transmits an aura of confidence and assurity that he WILL cure himself using Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil.

Watch and listen how the CNN-Word-Meister attempts to ‘steer Tommy’s discussion.

Tommy says hell no to government regulation, and keep Big Pharma out of our crops. Look what they did to tobacco! Just decriminalize Cannibis – Hemp! We don’t need big brother to tell us how to grow our own.

I can’t wait for Tommy to return to CNN all cured.

Big Pharma, not able to patent the plant as such, mutates it through genetic modification so that in can price and control it:
Israeli firm grows “highless” marijuana

Healing people naturally:
Budwig anit-cancer Hempseed Oil Preparation
Running From the Cure—Cannabis!

Tommy Chong: “Prison Gave Me Cancer, Treating with Hemp Oil” – YouTube

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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