Audit the Fed’s Insatiable Debauchery

In this world of unchecked power and insatiable, bottom-line egos, the financial institutions have become psychopathic predators, who troll the sea of flesh, with baited glitzy ads designed to snare its next victim into a cycle of debt slavery.

It has been the failure of the descendant sentinels whose charge it was to arbitrate the ‘checks and balances to rein in the ego. Instead, politicians have disregarded those now distant admonitions, as outdated words on a scrap of paper in need of amendment, whose distant melodious choir of voices has become dim and meaningless.

Perhaps the current light being shown upon these corporate financial criminals is the prerequisite medicine by which to chisel deeper into its façade, exposing it to the disinfecting rays of the sun, while introducing appropriate language to bind its rapacious ego.

In 1913, when the money powers centralized their control, consecrated within the creature of the Federal Reserve, the popular press from that bygone era criticized it as a, “den of vipers and thieves”, nothing has changed, it’s still a sanctuary for con-artists.

Contrary to the baseless admonishments from Pelosi, Geithner or Bernanke , it is an absolute fallacy to believe that neither Congress nor the public has any business peering into the secret operations of the Fed. Until 1913, it was the responsibility of Congress to regulate the coin of the realm and to determine the value there of. But, Congress forfeited that responsibility by turning it over to the current establishment of confidence men; thieves and scam artists.

Many might, erroneously, perceive the word ‘Federal’ to imply that the Federal Reserve is a legitimate branch of the Federal Government, when in fact it is not so. It is a for-profit Corporation. Like any other Corporations, such as Wal-Mart, it is a creature of the state and exists solely by charter; it has absolutely no Constitutional validity.

It’s been long overdue; it’s time for Dorothy to peek behind the Fractional Reserve Curtain; where dwells the shell game of ‘Structured Products’, known as the Federal Reserve; a façade for illusionists and enablers of those who binge on reckless debauchery, at the expense of the blind and poor.

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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