The Greatest Myth Ever Told

The church is not a mystery as much as it is a misery and Rome is the crossroads onto which the, Egyptian, dying-god myth psychodrama metamorphosed into its current form; carved into stone as a political expediency to satisfy the growing pangs for power; a bloody psychological wedge culminating in turmoil, trauma, terror and the multitudinous separations evinced today. A confirmation for where the church’s fealty lay came in the early sixteenth century, as Pope Leo X went on record declaring: “It has served us well, this myth of Christ.”

Heretics fled underground to escape the prosecutorial wrath of the new creature’s flaming rotisserie.

The term ‘God’ is a misnomer; in this it is an anthropomorphic projection of self, onto the forces presented to our external senses: hence the old man on a throne in the clouds, while Scientism remains completely numb to the hidden, inner, animating fire that breathes consciousness into an assimilated entanglement of energy, the composition of our form. This doesn’t mean a sentient, animating architect, beyond the realm of the senses isn’t present; just not in conceited image of man.

The inexplicable irrationality for a sentient breeze in the void still puzzles the caged brain in some. For this: Gnothi Seauton – herein rest Wisdom and Understanding.

Uraeus Pineal Gland

Third Eye Symbol

As regarding the halo symbol found in medieval paintings; symbolically represented as Kether;  the apex crown in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life,  a dot on the forehead depicting the pineal gland, or the Hindu crown chakra, all are references to consciousness, but a consciousness that is veiled by the senses: therefore, normally, inaccessible; a consciousness which permeated Gnostic thought throughout the Languedoc region of France,  perturbing the great intolerable mind of the church sufficiently so that it found it necessary to reign down a genocidal extermination upon it; unleashing  a gluttony of gore not to be exceeded until  the carnage of WWII. Halo-consciousness is today labeled a disease; the intuitive side is targeted by state sponsored industrial science for eradication by the pharmaceutical industry; its end desire: to chemically castrate the seeker and pull the veil shut while leaving easily programmable, uni-polar automatons; mental eunuchs.

I found this, which struck me.

Utilizing the metaphor of a battlefield, the following words describe the struggle between ego and the halo-consciousness:

Light on the Path – Mabel Collins, taken from Israel Regardie’s tome: The GD –


Stand aside in the coming battle, and though thou fightest be not thou the warrior. Look for the warrior and let him fight in thee. Take his orders for battle and obey them. Obey him not as though he were a general, but as though he were thyself and his spoken words were the utterance of thy secret desires; for he is thyself, yet infinitely wiser and stronger than thyself. Look for him, else in the fever and hurry of the fight thou mayest pass him; and he will not know thee unless thou knowest him. If thy cry reach his listening ear then will he fight in thee and fill the dull void within. And if this is so, then canst thou go through the fight cool and unwearied, standing aside and letting him battle for thee. Then it will be impossible for thee to strike one blow amiss. But if thou look not for him, if thou pass him by, then there is no safeguard for thee. The brain will reel, thy heart grow uncertain, and in the dust of the battlefield thy sigh and senses will fail, and thou will not know thy friends from thy enemies. He is thyself, yet thou art finite and liable to error. He is eternal and is sure. He is eternal truth. When once he has entered thee and become thy warrior, he will never utterly desert thee, and at the day of the great peace he will become one with thee.

The above text, framed within the trials of life, is, obviously, dated. The halo-consciousness I speak of, within the full body of the GD text, is actually referred to as ‘The Holy Guardian Angel’, also alluded to by Obama during some of his, long forgotten, speeches as: ‘Our Higher Angel’. As for the later case, I hope that the grand opulence of our – ring-bear’s – oval table has not overwhelmed to the point of pulling the veil shut on his initial mission.

These archaic terms are not to be misconstrued or anthropomorphized as religious entities, adorned with gossamer wings, they are metaphors of something otherwise incomprehensible. This terminology can probably be better grasped by the western mindset, when couched within Jungian thought forms as archetypes of psychological states.

As with any regimented breathing or Kabbalistic exercise, the metaphoric thought forms are for the purposeful disabling of those portals feed the ego – sight, sound, touch, smell, taste – thereby enhancing the sublimity to grasp at levels of self that lie outside of those boundaries wherein the senses of the ego keep consciousness anchored within its world of materialism, simultaneously keeping the eternal spark of consciousness deprived of any knowledge beyond those limitations while bound within its mortal cage. To break through this cage it is best to breath without thought.

Happy trails…

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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