Stop Taxpayer Funded Modern Slavery

U.S. contractors have made billions from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But now, several are being investigated for slave labor.

Vinnie Tuivaga, a hairdresser from Fiji, was one of the many victims who fell into the trap of modern slavery. Recruited to work in a luxury hotel in Dubai, instead she was trafficked to a military base in Iraq. She was forced to live in a shipping container, paid only a fraction of what was promised, and was unable to leave.

Meanwhile, the contractors kept the difference, lining their pockets with the taxes of ordinary American families.

U.S. tax dollars were never meant to fund slavery.

Almost 70,000 people have already signed the petition – will you tell the U.S. Senate to pass the bipartisan End Trafficking in Government Contracting Act (S. 2234) and stop taxpayer-funded modern slavery?

Stop Taxpayer-Funded Modern Slavery |

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