Ronald Reagan Summons ET at United Nations to Unite Military Minds of Earth

Rabid anti-Communist, sleeping prophet, Ronald Reagan speaks to packed UN assembly, stating how great  it would be for ET to show its face so that the Earth’s population could unite its machinery of carnage against it, while saving a few for Jesus.

On 21st September 1987, Ronald Reagan addressed the United Nations which was reminiscent of the ‘New Pearl Harbor’ assertion in the Project for the New American Century document, ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ cited that an Alien threat might be useful to unite the nations of the world.

If Ronny wasn’t prancing and parading his feathers to capture Margret Thatcher’s sighs, then surely he must have been pushing psychological buttons within the crowd to justify a military build up in space. But, not against any sort of reptilian invasion from beyond Earth’s atmospheric envelope, but against their very own ‘little people’ who were beginning to get a bit too inquisitive and smart.

Davos masters of the universe, 2013 gathering includes agenda to prepare Earth’s population for extraterrestrial life to be discovered within ten years.

This should prove to be no easy task. For how will these self-important gate keepers explain to the people of Earth that the paradigm which they’ve been forced to live has been a complete fabrication, an outright lie?

Will these barbarians continue to assume that any encounter should be perceived to be as barbaric as they themselves are, as they prepare to spray the non-Christian, Commie aliens with lead?

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