Bloody Disaster Capitalism

Flowery oratory and chest-thumping aside; everyone can binge-n-purge all they like, but at the end of the day; that day will come, when confronted by the gore, left in the wake of predation and unchecked egos, no one will be able to say, “sorry, I just didn’t know”. There won’t be enough Prilosec left on the shelves to squelch that, oh so queasy feeling.

I wonder, during the past two decades while Shock-n-Awe Capitalism has been reigning down upon the Middle East, how many of those ‘incorrigibles’ have been Pinochet’d  in the process – you know, disappeared – to clean the slate for the, so called, Free-Markets?

But they’re Free; the ‘Capital’ Machinery of the U.S. – paid for by you and me – has set the poor ‘dead’ bastards free; and look at all the friends it’s made in the process……they absolutely love us!

Fact is, they hate us so much that, out of paranoia, the U.S. Merchants of Death, along with their Wall Street enablers, will have no choice but to kill every one of them, just to ‘feel safe’.

As long as everyone can ‘silently’ take refuge behind those BIG guns of predation, who gives a shite; that is, until the day the powder runs dry, then all of the friends it’s made will be clamoring to greet them.

Do you wish to ‘peek’ into the face of insanity…

Yes, “Just look at the pile of dead bastards over there”  – growing bigger by the moment! Out of sight, out of mind; for now!

WikiLeaks—Collateral Murder – Brought to You By Disaster Capitalism:

Sweet Bloody Dreams

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